Art Saved My Life

Meet our incredible 12-Year-Old Artist Gavin Ramos. Gavin's journey began when he was faced with the difficult challenge of be bullied at school, which led to struggles with anxiety and depression. In his darkest moments, Gavin found solace and healing through art, using drawing as a way to cope and express himself.

Through his art, Gavin found a sense of purpose and passion that he had never experienced before, and art became his refuge, his saving grace.

Now, Gavin wants to share his message with the world. He collaborated with us to create the "Art Saved My Life" collection as a way to inspire others to seek out creative outlets to help them with their mental health. The collection features Gavin's powerful artwork and his letter to Art, which chronicles his journey and encourages others to find their own creative voices.

But that's not all - 10% of all proceeds from the "Art Saved My Life" collection go directly to Gavin's art education savings fund. This means that every purchase you make helps to support young artists like Gavin in their pursuit of creative expression and education.

Gavin's story is a reminder that art has the power to heal, inspire, and transform lives.

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