Season of Sunday

Growing up, my understanding of mental health was minimal. My only real connection to the topic was my grandmother, who was often referred to as "mean and sad.”  I was under the impression that any negative emotions could simply be prayed away or worked out through physical activity.

In 2019, I found myself in the midst of a challenging and eye-opening journey as I navigated my husband's severe depression. As a newlywed, it was a grueling experience seeing my partner struggle so intensely, and their wellbeing became my top priority. My previous misunderstandings about mental health were rooted in a lack of education and exposure to the issue. It was a defining moment for me, and it motivated me to learn more about mental health and work towards breaking down the stigmas surrounding it.

Season of Sunday is a love letter. It represents hope, healing and the idea that mental health is something to be celebrated and supported. Through our clothing line and support of mental health non-profits, we hope to spread positivity, raise awareness, and promote the importance of prioritizing mental health.

xx, Morgan Evans